My first attempt at Blogging

This is my first attempt at blogging. So here it goes:

Today I am working on setting up the new book case Richard and I purchased last night. I haven’t been able to fit all of my books in a bookcase… ever, actually. Seeing all of my books spread out on a five shelf bookcase has made me realize that I very much love my books. Every book I own, I have read at least once. One of the books, my favorite, The Stand by Stephen King, I have read nearly two dozen times. When I place my Kindle on one of the shelves, I add close to another hundred books to my collection. As you can tell, I am certified bookworm. That may change soon.

Today, I am 28 weeks and 5 days pregnant. The last few months of my life have revolved around being a “vessel” for my unborn son. (“Vessel” is what my family has dubbed me. As a joke, of course.) I eat, drink, breath, and sleep pregnancy. All of my actions throughout the day are a direct relation to continuing a healthy pregnancy. This may sound obsessive to some, but I feel that every good mother has gone through the same thing. Richard has been the most supportive partner through this entire process. I’m sure he is exhausted of hearing about every sleepless night, muscle cramp, bathroom trip, and complaint I have, but he always listens and offers good advice. We plan every future day, week, month, and year with the intention of providing the best life for our unborn child. We know the decisions we make no longer affect only our relationship, but our son as well.

2012-12-11_20_27_45Today, when Richard comes home from work, I will show him the bookcase and let him read my first blog. We will have dinner and continue working on setting up the baby’s room. Tomorrow, we will both go to work to make a good future for our son possible. Every day we prepare for our new family member and make plans for our lives together. The stories in my books never prepared me for what life is really like, to hold the hand of the man I love, nor what it will be like to hold my first child in my arms. I will always be a bookworm, collecting books, and needing more room for them; but now I will also be a mother, a wife, and caretaker, and maybe I will one day write a book of my own.

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