Double Trouble

My Bestie came to visit! Amanda is here and we are making some trouble.

Best Friends

Drinking all night, smoking it up, partying until the wee hours of the morning….

Ok, not really. But I’m really happy she’s here. Amanda is one of the few people in the world that I get along with completely. She’s one of the most genuine and honest people I know. In a town where everyone is pretty fake, she’s like a cool drink of ice water.

Both of us are trying to keep a close eye on our diet, so profuse drinking isn’t on the menu. Nor do either of us party. Not that Port St Lucie is exactly conducive to partying. I’m totally cool with that. After years of too much fun and way too many mistakes, it’s great to have a level-headed, relaxed week with one of my longest friends.

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A War Rages

A war rages

An indefinable putrification

Of all we see and hear.


Screaming harpees

Flitter about as vicious hounds

Tear each other apart.


The mad politicians

Vomit up explanations and exclamations

Of factitious lie and illegitimate truths.


Bystanders are massacred

Children are eaten

The elderly are raped.


What will we see next?

What sounds to come?

How long before the rest of us drown in the blood?

Making Friends in a New Town

We moved the family to Port St Lucie, FL from Fort Lauderdale, Fl and it has been a hell of a change. The cities are a little over two hours apart, but it doesn’t even feel like I’m in the same universe. The people are different, driving around the city is actually pleasant, and there is hardly a piece of trash to be found on the ground. The cons are pretty significant, though, and it almost feels like a real-life Pleasantville, sort of surreal and photoshopped.

Rich, Rylan, and Roman at River Park Marina

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Life’s a Great Balancing Act

How does a parent determine what is the appropriate amount of apple juice their kid is allowed to have in day? Or how late to let them sleep? Or how much TV they are allowed to watch? Should a parent just let their 5 year old eat anything they want, anytime, and let the kid go to bed whenever they choose? Or is a parent supposed to monitor their child’s nutritional intake by the mg and have a strict sleep schedule that is finely tuned to the minute?

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