An Opportunity to Learn HubSpot CMS

Recently, I applied for a position as a Junior Web Developer for a HubSpot Agency. My experience with HubSpot was mainly forged during my time as a Web Dev Fellow at Center Centre while Shayne and I were researching replacement CRMs. We tested several CRMs (Contact Relationship Management tools), including Salesforce,, and HubSpot. Of... Continue Reading →

WordPress and Gutenberg: My New Favorite Guilty Pleasure

Recently, I had the opportunity to build two new WordPress sites for my current employer, Center Centre, using the latest content editing process: Gutenberg Blocks. What are Gutenberg Blocks? Well, I'm glad you asked. According to ChatGPT, Gutenberg Blocks are: "...individual content elements in the WordPress Gutenberg editor. They include various elements like text, images,... Continue Reading →

A New Skill Added

This week at my Web Dev Fellowship at Center Centre - UIE, I was given a task that tested my skills as a PHP developer. The Goal The ad banner at the bottom of a specific article needs to be different than the ad banner on all other articles. Dr. Leslie Jensen-Inman's "Yes. And..." article... Continue Reading →

Welcome to PHP!

During my job search, I had the opportunity to interview for a backend engineering position that uses PHP. Most of my experience with backend languages is in Python and NodeJS, so I decided to sign up for the Codecademy PHP course to learn the basics of PHP. I have been learning this language for the... Continue Reading →

Starting a New App: CounTic

As a teacher, I often had to track student behavior for a variety of reasons. Most of the tracking was logged on paper and, occasionally, an Excel spreadsheet. I hated these antiquated methods because they usually involved carrying a clipboard or laptop from lesson to lesson or room to room. I wished there was an... Continue Reading →

Happy Holidays!

It has been a busy few weeks at my house with Thanksgiving and traveling to Virginia to be with family. I haven't posted in a while and a lot has been happening in my coding journey. Before Thanksgiving Break, I did a quick TypeScript course on Codecademy, which helped me better understand how TypeScript complies... Continue Reading →

Back to Codecademy with Redux Practice

Now that I've completed the MITxPRO Coding Bootcamp, I'm going back to Codecademy to bolster some gaps in my knowledge. Currently, I am learning about Redux and how to manage state and actions using this JavaScript library. For my first assignment, I was tasked with building a Redux reducer function for a Wagon Train game.... Continue Reading →

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