Memorial Day Weekend


I’m not sure which one of them hated the baby carrier more.

Rich and I were extremely busy this Memorial Day Weekend. I don’t know where to start, Friday night with our Pizza binge or Saturday with my Wedding Dress fiasco.

Both of us have discussed the need to lose weight, yet we stuffed our faces (and stomachs) with delicious, carby cheesy-pizza and bread sticks on Friday night. Granted, we only had 2 pieces each and saved the rest, but that does not excuse our behavior. I take the blame for that indiscretion; I was the one that brought the idea up and continued to talk about my craving until Rich was pulled into my insanity. After eating the incredibly fattening meal, we both regretted it, but my craving was satiated.

Saturday morning, we needed to go to Nordstrom to get my Wedding dress altered and stop by West Marine to look for a boat trailer part. I had a feeling my dress wasn’t going to work, since my grotesquely large breasts wouldn’t fit into it at all. I’m pretty sure the seamstress nearly fainted when she saw me wearing the dress. Sadly, I had to return it, but with the help of a Nordstrom veteran and friend, Shannon Muller, I managed to not only find a new Wedding dress, but a bra and pair of Spanx for a seamless presentation. I purchased a pair of shoes to complete the look and left the store. The entire ordeal lasted (only) 3 hours. Rich and baby Rylan were troopers, and we managed to leave without either of them, nor me, bursting into tears.

Like father, like son.


After addressing the Wedding dress issue, our happy little family stopped by an outdoor restaurant called the Rum Bar to feed Rylan a bottle and eat a bit of lunch ourselves. The day was perfect for an outdoor meal and all three of us left content and full.



Unfortunately, our stop at West Marine for the U-bolt necessary to fix the boat trailer failed miserably, and we made and impromptu stop at Lowe’s, which also yielded no positive results. Rich attempted to make the part from some pieces of metal, but that did not work out either. He did determine the boat needed a new engine cover, and that turned out to be the only project that was completed on Memorial Day (after a failed trip to Home Depot, and a second stop at Lowe’s to get some wood cut into the proper sizes.)

ruby tuesdays
We had lunch at Ruby Tuesday’s with Andrea.

All of this occurred over our three day weekend and I haven’t even mentioned my sister, Andrea, visiting Saturday through Monday. Andrea arrived and we ate a delicious meal of Ribeye and Salad. We finished Saturday night with an attempt at watching Batman, but were unable to stay awake. Sunday morning, our little band stopped at Wellington Mall, and Rich and I found Wedding bands that we both love. We grabbed some lunch at Ruby Tuesdays in the mall, enjoyed a few good laughs and a great meal.


Finally, a successful trip to the beach.

The next stop was the beach to collect shells for the Wedding favors we are preparing for our guests. I got some much needed exercise and a bit of a tan picking up shells with Andrea, while Rich and Rylan sat in the shade for some Father-Son bonding time. Dinner consisted of ice cream at City Place before we headed home and somehow managed to watch Star Trek in it’s entirety.


Memorial Day was a great finish to a fantastic weekend. Andrea made it safely back home and our little family spent some quality time outdoors. Rich constructed a new engine cover for the boat, and Rylan and I enjoyed a cool breeze. Our evening was complete with all three of us exhausted and ready for a good night of rest. This was definitely the best Memorial Day Weekend.

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