Trying to Catch Up

I haven’t written a post in the longest time. I haven’t posted pictures or thought of a new recipe. My time has been spent doing things I feel must be done daily, such as dishes, cleaning, and other household chores. There’s a never ending list of things to do, but lately I have asked myself how any of those “necessary” things have improved upon my life.

I read an 800 page book recently; that is an accomplishment I am proud of. I made the effort to find time to read. Yes, that took away from my time entertaining the baby, but do I really need to spend so much time playing with him? Choosing to spend some of my free time reading isn’t negatively affecting my relationship with Rylan. Then why have I not spent any time writing a post or begun making the handbag I’ve been dreaming of?

I’m determined to find time for myself from now on. I’m going to write more often, read more often, and try more recipes. At 6 months old, Rylan has learned to play on his own and I am going to take advantage of that time to reassert my priorities. I know doing this will improve upon my life and I’m looking forward it.


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