A New Hobby

I’ve found a new hobby. Rich has been telling me I need one and he was right. I realized this when I sunk to a new low; I had downloaded Candy Crush Saga on my Kindle Fire. I knew I had traveled into serious boredom and dangerous obsession. I knew I needed something.

I drove to Michael’s and bought a pair of bamboo knitting needles and a ball of yarn. I checked out a couple of books on knitting from the library and went home full of hope. I began to knit.


It didn’t go so well. I read up on types of yarn and size of knitting needles, but I thought that was just  guidelines, nothing that I had to worry about. I made the decision to drive back to Michael’s and purchase yarn more suitable for my needles, and, after a few false starts, I got the hang of garter stitch and began knitting my grandmother a scarf.

But what to do with that ball of yarn I had originally purchased? It was more suitable for crocheting and I knew nothing about crocheting. My interest was piqued when I saw some pretty cool crocheting projects online.

I made another trip to Michael’s. At this point, they recognized me from the last two trips I’d made in the last two days. I went home thinking I’d probably wasted money on crap I would never use. I was wrong.

My first attempt and I created a beautiful, stylish infinity scarf for my sister. Oh lawd, it was awesome! Now I’m hooked.

I’m going to crochet a scarf, hat, beer coozi, blanket, guinea pig sweater, oh the possibilities are endless!!!

I’ve found a hobby. I am going to be a Master Crocheter.wpid-20131218_114559.jpg

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