Tinabear’s HTML Cheatsheet

picture of cactus
color palette

Why I Made This Cheatsheet

I’m currently working through the Codecademy Full Stack learning path. In the last few modules, I learned how to use HTML and CSS. I have learned how to use a stylesheet to improve the look of my webpage and why a stylesheet is better than using inline styling.

For this project, my course prompted me to make a personal HTML Cheatsheet using tables. I had a great time finding a color palette to add to my webpage. I really enjoyed learning how to adjust the colors and other attributes to make it look the way I like.

If I Had More Time

I would prefer to spend more time on this activity and include some links to other references I could use while working on my webpages. This obviously is not an extensive list of HTML tags, but I wanted to focus on the ones I am currently using. I would also like to include some additional details to make the page look more aesthetically pleasing.

Here is a link to my cheatsheet. Let me know what you think.


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