MITxPro Portfolio Website

Part 1 of my coding bootcamp ended with a portfolio project where we had to create a functional website. I hosted my website on GitHub and you can check it out here!

I’m glad I had a chance to create a portfolio website for my Codecademy course, because this prepared me for this current project. I already had a good idea of what the challenging parts would be and how I wanted my website to look and work.

In the previous project, I used FlexBox which was great, but made it difficult to position elements. For this project, I used Grid and this allowed me more movement and placement. Later, I learned that Bootstrap has a great Grid format and I plan on using that in the future.

I was able to manipulate the look of the website with CSS with more control the second time as I had a much better understanding of the scope and attributes. I included some JS elements as well, such as making my icons blink and making my PacMan chomp.

This was a wonderful experience and I look forward to learning more about the backend in the future.

Here is my GitHub repository for this portfolio website!

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