Welcome to PHP!

During my job search, I had the opportunity to interview for a backend engineering position that uses PHP. Most of my experience with backend languages is in Python and NodeJS, so I decided to sign up for the Codecademy PHP course to learn the basics of PHP. I have been learning this language for the last few days and I’m about halfway through the course.

I created a Magic 8 Ball program written in PHP which prompts the user to input a yes or no question and gives the user an answer. I’m new to PHP and this was a fun activity from Codecademy to practice conditional statements. I added a bit of my own flare to the program, but for the most part, it is a classic Magic 8 Ball program.

I enjoyed this activity and decided to save it as a reminder of my first week learning PHP. I hope to return to this repository in the future when I am more experienced with PHP to remind myself how far I’ve come. As for now, I’m enjoying learning this new language and looking forward to growing my skills in backend engineering.

Check out my GitHub repository for this program!

Black billiard eight ball isolated on white background. Vector realistic pool or snooker ball with number 8 in front and side view

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