Getting Fit in the Neighborhood (PSL)

The last couple of months I’ve cut down on the number of days that I run from 3-4 to only 2 days. I increased my body weight exercises or did Popsugar Fitness Videos  on Youtube 5-6 days a week. I’ve seen a change in how I look and I’ve lost 3 of the 6 pounds I gained over the holidays.

Richard and I agreed that getting a membership at a gym was fiscally possible, so I joined the LA Fitness in Port St Lucie West, but he had one stipulation; I had to meet with a personal trainer.

I’m v
ery excited to be back in the gym after a 2 year hiatus. I quit a few months after I became pregnant with Roman and decided to wait to go back to the gym until I had the time and we lived near enough to a decent gym. I decided to go back to LA Fitness because the prices are awesome (I had a discount and they waved the initiation fee) and they have a Kids Klub that I could take the boys to during my workout. I initially wasn’t going to use their kids “babysitting service” but they gave me a small discount, so hey, why not? We’ll see how they like it and it’ll give me a chance to spend their naps doing things other than squeezing in my workout.

So back to the personal trainer requirement. I did the LA Fitness free fitness assessment with a personal trainer at their PSL West location. I’ve never worked with anyone regarding my exercise and fitness, mostly because I didn’t want anyone to know how out of shape I was. Now that I can do 5 (decent) push-ups and a wide variety of advanced exercises, I felt that I could truly benefit from a serious discussion with a professional regarding safety and proper form. I probably should’ve done it sooner, but I definitely enjoyed impressing the trainer a little with how strong I already am. That being said, I learned A LOT.

The girl, Courtney, was a fantastic instructor. She was well educated on metabolism, muscle-fat ratio, body fat composition, proper form, duration and intensity of a workout, stretching, and a heck of a lot more subjects we discussed during my hour long session. In that hour I’ve become more comfortable with the Weight Lifting aspect of fitness that I’ve mostly avoided and learned how to single out specific muscle groups that I want to work on.

Unfortunately, the prices of continuing their personal trainer program is a little steeper and Rich and I feel comfortable paying, so I’ll continue doing things on my own, but I plan on studying up on how to use the machines correctly and what type of exercises I should to attain my goals. Courtney helped tremendously in narrowing down what I want to achieve while using they gym and I plan on implementing my new found knowledge immediately.

My new weekly exercise schedule will consist of:

  • Leg Day
  • Cardio and Core Day
  • Arm Day
  • Cardio and Core Day
  • Back Day
  • Cardio and Core/ Full Body Circuit Training
  • Rest

This may seem like an intense week, but I plan on following it as closely as possible. Hopefully we will see results quickly.

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