Wordcamp Miami 2017

Rich and I are at this year’s Wordcamp in Miami. This is my second WC and I’m looking forward to learning something new on the Users Track (102).

8:00AM – Rich and I just got to Wordcamp Miami and it’s way too early in the morning for me. Coffee and donuts is all I can think about.

8:15AM – Rich is setting up the Jetpack Booth next to the Woo dudes. The place is starting to fill up. It blows my mind to see so many people bright eyed and bushy tailed on a Saturday morning.

8:45 – bagel break! I’m not hungry but it’s free so why not? It’s packed in here.

I just got sucked into what I would call a vortex of information at one of the booths. Turns out there really are stupid questions and I am the queen of them. Who knew?

9:05AM – my first talk. Beyond the Basics with Paul Gilzow.

Very informative and motivating. It seems that my knowledge of WordPress is extremely juvenile. According to Paul, all users need to be paranoid and vigilant at all times.

And this happened:

9:45 – second talk of the day. Finding Useful Plugins within Meagan Hands.

I loved hearing some tech talk from a girl. It makes me want to become more knowledgeable about coding and educating myself on WordPress.

10:30AM – taking a break. I just had my second cup of coffee.

10:50AM – third talk of the day. CSS-Tricks: A Poster Board WordPress Site with Chris Coyier.

He’s a natural comedian and makes his talk very interesting, even though it’s completely out of my understanding.

Noon – lunch time! Rich and I were seriously looking forward to this part of the day.

And thanks to Setka Editor, I have desert too!

1:10PM – taking a walk around Florida International University. It’s a beautiful campus, and yuge!

1:30PM – my 4th talk: How to Decide if Page Builders Are Right For You with Eduardo Carreiro.

He’s presenting a topic that is very interesting, but I’m having a bit of trouble understanding him. Loving the diversity at this WC though!

1:40PM – Tech and the Power of One with 10 year old Miles Lifton. I’m so excited to listen to this little genius talk!

He’s a wonderful speaker. He helps spread the message of world peace to people all over the world with his website Language Is Not A Barrier. I can’t wait to see what this kid will do in the future.

2:10PM – taking a break across from the Woo and Jetpack table.

5:30PM – After party time!

7:00PM – wine o’clock

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