Learning HTML

After going to Wordcamp Miami with Richard over the weekend, I felt a sense of inspiration to learn more about how the internet works. 

I was probably the most technically illiterate computer user at the event, including the kids at the Kids Camp. The person that inspired me the most was a 10 year old boy that gave a presentation on how WordPress can break the barrier across languages. He’s been coding since he was 7 years old!

I realize I’ll probably never be as prolific a coder as that young man, but I’d like to be able to go to Wordcamps and understand what the topics are covering; possibly even be able to use the knowledge on my own.

It seems to me that learning how to code and make websites is like deciding how to solve a Rubics cube: there are many right ways to achieve the same goal. Rich recommended I start by learning HTML, since that is the basis of a website.

My goal is to make a page I can record my strength  exercises on and be able to go to different links showing the proper form to do each one. I’ve made the outline of the page, but I’m still trying to understand where to put certain terms and how each part of the coding works. I’ve slowly inched my way into CSS, by changing the colors, fonts, and borders of my tables.

So far I’ve had fun, but I’ve barely broken the surface. We’ll see how I feel about this stuff in a few weeks.

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